§ 38.2-5202.1

Refund of premium for cancellation or termination of policy

A. Each individual long-term care insurance policy or certificate shall provide for refund of premium in the event of cancellation or termination of coverage. In the event that the policy or certificate is cancelled by the insurer or terminated by the insured, the insurer shall, within thirty days of the effective date of such cancellation or termination, return to the insured the unearned portion of any premium paid. The earned premium shall be computed on a pro rata basis.

B. The requirements of this section shall apply to all individual long-term care insurance policies, contracts, and plans delivered, issued for delivery, reissued, renewed, or extended or at any time when any term of any such policy, contract, or plan is changed or any premium adjustment is made. The requirements of this section shall apply to neither group long-term care insurance nor to any individual long-term care insurance policy, contract or plan providing coverage for the duration of the insured’s life if the premium therefor is paid in a single installment payment.


2000, c. 532.


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