§ 38.2-205.1

Temporary contracts of insurance permitted

A lender engaged in making or servicing real estate mortgage or deed of trust loans on one to four family residences shall accept as evidence of insurance a temporary written contract of insurance meeting the requirements of § 38.2-2112 and issued by any duly licensed agent, broker, or insurance company. Nothing herein prohibits the lender from disapproving such insurer provided such disapproval is reasonable. Such lender need not accept a binder unless such binder (i) includes the name and address of the insured, name and address of the mortgagee, a description of the insured collateral, and a provision that it may not be cancelled within the term of the binder except upon ten days’ written notice to the mortgagee; (ii) is accompanied by a paid receipt for one year’s premium, except in the case of the renewal of a policy subsequent to the closing of a loan; and (iii) includes an undertaking of agent to use his best efforts to have the company issue a policy within forty-five days, unless the binder is cancelled. The Bureau of Insurance may by administrative letter require binders to contain such additional information as may be necessary to permit such binders to comply with the reasonable requirements of the Federal National Mortgage Association or Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation for purchase of mortgage loans.


1987, c. 10.


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