§ 36-55.37

Exemption from taxation

(1. As set forth in the declaration of finding and purpose herein, HDA will be performing an essential governmental function in the exercise of the powers conferred upon it by this chapter, and the notes and bonds of HDA issued and to be issued pursuant to this chapter, the transfer thereof, and the income therefrom including any profit made on the sale thereof and all its fees, charges, gifts, grants, revenues, receipts, and other moneys received, pledged to pay or secure the payment of such notes or bonds shall at all times be free from taxation and assessment of every kind by the Commonwealth and by the municipalities and all other political subdivisions of the Commonwealth.

(2. The property of HDA and its income and operations shall be exempt from taxation or assessments upon any property acquired or used by HDA under the provisions of this chapter.

(3. Any housing development, residential housing or nonhousing building financed in whole or in part pursuant to the provisions of this chapter and owned by HDA shall be exempt from all property taxation and special assessments of the Commonwealth or political subdivisions thereof; provided, however, that in lieu of such taxes, HDA may agree to make such payments to the Commonwealth or any political subdivision thereof as HDA finds consistent with the cost of supplying municipal services to the housing development, residential housing or nonhousing building and maintaining the economic feasibility of the housing development, residential housing or nonhousing building, which payments such bodies are hereby authorized to accept.


1972, c. 830; 1974, c. 263; 2004, c. 187.


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