§ 36-55.31:1

Loans for installation of certain energy-saving devices

The Virginia Housing Development Authority shall establish a program of loans for financing the purchase and installation of insulation, storm windows and doors and solar or other alternative energy sources which will reduce the reliance on present sources of energy for use in the dwellings of residents of the Commonwealth or public or nonprofit buildings or facilities. Any and all funds available through specific state appropriations or federal grants or other state or federal assistance for such purposes may be utilized by the Virginia Housing Development Authority. Any loan made pursuant to this section may be secured by a mortgage or otherwise or may be unsecured, shall be repaid, shall bear interest and shall be upon such terms and conditions as may be determined by HDA in its rules and regulations or in the HDA resolution, or commitment for, such loan. Any such loans made with respect to dwellings of residents of the Commonwealth shall be limited to dwellings occupied by persons or families of low and moderate income. The Commissioners of the Virginia Housing Development Authority shall promulgate rules and regulations for the orderly administration of this section.


1977, c. 431; 1978, c. 631.


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