§ 36-55.30:3

Regulations; adoption procedures

A. The HDA shall have the power to adopt, amend and repeal regulations, not inconsistent with this chapter or other applicable laws, to carry into effect the powers and purposes of the HDA and the conduct of its business. Such regulations shall be designed to effectuate the general purposes of this chapter.

B. The full text or an informative summary of any proposed new regulation, or any amendment to or repeal of a regulation shall be published not less than fifteen nor more than thirty days before the same may be acted upon and shall state the time and place of a public hearing at which the matters mentioned therein will be considered, at which time any person wishing to comment shall be heard and any written comments shall be considered. Such publication shall be in a newspaper of general circulation published in Richmond and in addition, as HDA may determine, it may be similarly published in newspapers in localities particularly affected as well as publicized through press releases and other media as will best serve the purpose and subject involved.

C. If HDA is satisfied that the proposed regulation or amendments thereto or repeal thereof, or any part thereof, in the form in which it was proposed or changed as a result of such public hearing, provided the changes do not alter the main purpose of the regulation, is advisable, such regulation, amendment to or repeal of a regulation, or any part thereof, may be adopted and, if adopted, shall be published as prescribed in subsection B of this section and shall state the date when it is to become effective.


1979, c. 613; 1988, c. 364.


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