§ 32.1-325.01

Certain term life insurance considered resources

When making eligibility determinations for institutional or community-based care to be paid for by the Department, the Department shall consider as an uncompensated transfer all resources that are used by an applicant to purchase any term life insurance policy that does not have a benefit payable at death that will equal or exceed twice the sum of all premiums paid for such policy if such policy was purchased within thirty months prior to the date of application for assistance.The provisions of this section shall not apply to term life insurance policies for pre-need funerals pursuant to § 54.1-2820, except that any benefits paid under such policy in excess of such actual expenses shall be subject to recovery by the Department of Medical Assistance Services for Medicaid payments made on behalf of the deceased insured. The provisions of this section shall not apply to any term life insurance policies purchased prior to the effective date of this law.


1993, c. 990.


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