§ 23-276.5

(Repealed effective October 1, 2016) Approval procedures

A. Prior to Council approval for a school to use the term “college” or “university” or abbreviations or words of similar meaning in its name or in any manner in connection with its academic affairs or business, to offer courses or programs for degree credit, enroll students in any courses or programs, or confer or award degrees, each postsecondary school shall be evaluated by the Council in accordance with the regulations adopted pursuant to this chapter.

B. Upon finding that the applicant has fully complied with regulations, the Council shall approve the application.

C. The Council may defer a decision on an application upon determining that additional information is needed.

D. The Council shall not take into account duplication of effort by public and private institutions in the Commonwealth or other questions of need when considering an application.


Code 1950, § 23-269; 1980, c. 658; 1996, cc. 691, 832; 2002, c. 178; 2003, c. 461; 2004, c. 991; 2005, c. 447.


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