§ 23-167

(Repealed effective October 1, 2016) Further powers and duties of board

The powers and duties of the board shall be to direct and do all things not inconsistent with the laws of this Commonwealth which to the board shall seem best adapted to accomplish the legitimate objects of the University; to designate depositories, provide for the proper bonding of financial officers and depositories, and provide for the disbursing of the funds of the University consistent with the laws of the Commonwealth; and to grant to such as excel in any field of knowledge or complete a prescribed course of study, such certificates, diplomas or degrees as shall be deemed expedient and proper. All of which several functions they shall be free to exercise by rules, bylaws, resolutions, orders, instructions, or otherwise.


Code 1919, § 951; 1930, p. 768; 1964, c. 70; 1979, c. 147.


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