§ 23-145

(Repealed effective October 1, 2016) Governmental aid; donations, endowments, etc

The authorities of the Institute shall likewise accept from the Commonwealth and from the federal government, or either, such aid in the maintenance and conduct of the nautical school as may be offered and which may be for the best interest of the school, including a suitable vessel with her apparel, charts, books and instruments of navigation, and may receive from other proper sources such funds, properties, donations and endowments as may be given, subscribed, loaned or bequeathed for the support and maintenance of the nautical school, and all moneys so appropriated or donated, subscribed or bequeathed shall be used or expended in accordance with the provisions governing the same, provided such use or expenditures shall further the purpose of the school and promote its usefulness and service.


1932, p. 885; 1938, p. 487.


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