§ 23-135.7:9

(Repealed effective October 1, 2016) Functions, powers and duties of the Water Center

A. The Water Center shall: (i) consult with the General Assembly; federal, state and local agencies; water user groups; private industry; and other potential users of research; (ii) establish and administer agreements with other universities of the Commonwealth for the conduct of research projects; (iii) [Repealed.] (iv) disseminate new information and facilitate transfer and application of new technology; (v) be a liaison between Virginia and the federal research funding agencies as an advocate for Virginia’s water research needs; (vi) encourage the development of academic programs in water resources management in conjunction with the State Council on Higher Education.

B. In addition, the Water Center shall facilitate and stimulate research that: (i) deals with policy issues facing the General Assembly; (ii) supports the state water resource agencies; and (iii) provides water planning and management organizations with tools to increase efficiency and effectiveness of water planning and management.


1982, c. 379; 1984, c. 734.


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