§ 23-132.10

(Repealed effective October 1, 2016) Agricultural survey

There is authorized to be made under the direction and supervision of such agricultural experiment station, a thorough and comprehensive agricultural survey of the Commonwealth according to the most approved methods in practice, or which may be devised, for the purpose of gathering facts and information in regard to existing agricultural conditions in Virginia, and data upon which to base a study of agricultural economics and a constructive program for the development of agriculture and agricultural resources, which survey shall include matters pertaining to soils and soil fertility and management; soil erosion and drainage problems affecting soil fertility and productivity; the adaptation of various soil types, elevations and seasonable conditions to crops produced or which may suitably be produced; farm layout and selection and arrangement of fields for the use of labor-saving machinery, and economy and convenience in cultivation and farm operations; methods of cultivation, production and handling of crops, and general farm management; the various crops produced on farms, their yield and gross value compared with the cost of production and courses of low yield; farm labor, its distribution and efficiency; labor incomes of the various classes of farm labor; the relation of various farm products to public needs and local and general supply and demand; farm incomes and sources; capital investment and return; distribution of capital investment; the character and extent of idle lands and their suitability for cultivation or other agricultural purposes in the various localities and what, if any, profitable use may be made of them through the introduction of livestock or crops adapted to such soils, by individuals or on a community plan, with notations of elevation, topography, temperatures and seasonal conditions as affecting fruit production, cotton or other crops; and any other information or studies which may seem advisable in determining methods for the betterment of agricultural conditions and the development of agricultural resources of the Commonwealth.It is contemplated that in making the foregoing survey that the agricultural experiment station will, and is hereby authorized to, work in conjunction with and cooperate with similar agencies of the federal government whenever a suitable and satisfactory arrangement can be made for such cooperation.


1994, c. 433.


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