§ 23-122

(Repealed effective October 1, 2016) Powers and duties of board generally; expenses

The board shall be charged with the care and preservation and improvement of the property belonging to the University, and with the protection and safety of students and other persons residing on the property, and in pursuance thereof shall be empowered to change roads or driveways on the property or entrances thereto, or to close temporarily or permanently the roads, driveways and entrances; to prohibit entrance to the property of undesirable and disorderly persons, or to eject such persons from the property, and to prosecute under the laws of the state trespassers and persons committing offenses on the property.The board shall regulate the government and discipline of the students; and, generally, in respect to the government of the University, may make such regulations as they deem expedient, not contrary to law. Such reasonable expenses as the visitors may incur in the discharge of their duties shall be paid out of the funds of the University.


Code 1919, § 864; 1924, p. 143; 1970, c. 98.


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