§ 23-118

(Repealed effective October 1, 2016) Officers and committees of the board; officers of the University

The board of visitors shall appoint from their own body a rector, who shall preside at their meetings, and, in his absence, a president pro tempore. The board may appoint a vice-president of the University and, by appropriate regulations, prescribe his authority, duties, and compensation, if any, and he shall hold office at the pleasure of the board. The board shall also appoint from its membership an executive committee of not less than three nor more than six, which, during the interim between board meetings, shall be empowered to exercise all or such part of the powers of the board as the board may by resolution prescribe. The board may likewise appoint special committees and prescribe their duties and powers. The executive committee, and other committees shall make reports to the board, at its annual meeting or oftener if required, of the acts performed by them from time to time. The board shall also appoint a treasurer of the University and may appoint a secretary thereof, and also a clerk to the board, and such other officers, assistants and deputies as they deem advisable to conduct the business and affairs of the University.


Code 1919, § 861; 1945, p. 74; 1970, c. 98.


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