§ 23-115

(Repealed effective October 1, 2016) Appointment of visitors generally; number and eligibility

The board of visitors is to consist of fourteen members, thirteen of whom shall be appointed by the Governor, and one of whom shall be the President of the Board of Agriculture and Consumer Services, ex officio. Of the members appointed by the Governor, three may be nonresidents. The visitors in the office on April 9, 1945, are continued in office until the end of their respective terms, or until June 30, 1945, whichever last occurs.As soon as practicable after April 9, 1945, the Governor shall appoint four members to fill the unexpired portions of the terms which began on July 1, 1944, and shall appoint three additional members for new terms of two years and two for new terms of four years, each term beginning July 1, 1945. He shall, in addition, appoint the President of the State Board of Agriculture and Consumer Services as an ex officio member for a term of four years to begin July 1, 1945; provided that, if the tenure in office as President of such ex officio member expires within that time, the Governor shall appoint such member’s successor to fill the unexpired term. Such President shall remain eligible for appointment as an ex officio member so long as he continues in office as President. All appointments for full terms, as well as to fill vacancies, shall be made by the Governor subject to confirmation by the Senate.


Code 1919, § 859; 1930, p. 739; 1944, p. 344; 1945, p. 55; 1964, c. 48; 1980, c. 559.


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