§ 22.1-292.2

Suspension or revocation of license for procuring, selling, or administering anabolic steroids

A. The Board of Education shall suspend or revoke the administrative or teaching license it has issued to any person who knowingly and willfully with the intent to compromise the outcome of an athletic competition procures, sells, or administers anabolic steroids or causes such drugs to be procured, sold, or administered to a student who is a member of a school athletic team, or fails to report the use of such drugs by a student to the school principal and division superintendent as required by § 22.1-279.3:1. Any person whose administrative or teaching license is suspended or revoked by the Board pursuant to this section shall be ineligible for three school years for employment in the public schools of the Commonwealth.

B. Any suspension or revocation imposed in accordance with this section shall be rendered pursuant to Board regulations promulgated pursuant to the Administrative Process Act (§ 2.2-4000 et seq.) and § 22.1-298.1, governing the licensure of teachers.


2005, c. 481; 2006, cc. 27, 349.


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