§ 22.1-199.4

At-Risk Student Academic Achievement Program and Fund

A. From such funds as may be appropriated for such purpose and from such gifts, donations, grants, bequests, and other funds as may be received on its behalf, there is hereby established the At-Risk Student Academic Achievement Program, to be administered by the Board of Education, and a special nonreverting fund within the Department of the Treasury known as the At-Risk Student Academic Achievement Fund, hereafter referred to as the “Fund.” The Fund shall be established on the books of the Comptroller, and any moneys remaining in such Fund at the end of the biennium shall not revert to the general fund but shall remain in the Fund. Interest earned on such funds shall remain in the Fund and be credited to it.The Department of the Treasury shall administer and manage the Fund, subject to the authority of the Board of Education to provide for its disbursement. The Fund shall be disbursed to award noncompetitive grants to public school divisions to implement research-based programs or programs identified as best practices that are designed to improve the academic achievement of at-risk public school students on the Standards of Learning assessments and decrease the rate of dropout among at-risk public school students.

B. The amount of grants and required local matching funds shall be determined as provided in the appropriation act.Funds received through this Program shall be used to supplement, not supplant, any local funds currently provided for at-risk programs within the school division.

C. The Board may issue guidelines governing the Program as it deems necessary and appropriate.


2004, c. 456; 2016, cc. 720, 750.


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