§ 62.1-69.39

Roanoke River Basin Bi-State Commission powers and duties

A. The Commission shall have no regulatory authority.

B. To perform its duties and objectives, the Commission shall have the power to:

1. Develop rules and procedures for the conduct of its business or as may be necessary to perform its duties and carry out its objectives, including, but not limited to, selecting a chairman and vice-chairman, rotating chairmanships, calling meetings and establishing voting procedures. Rules and procedures developed pursuant to this subdivision shall be effective upon an affirmative vote by a majority of the Commission members;

2. Establish standing and ad hoc advisory committees, which shall be constituted in a manner to ensure a balance between recognized interests. The purpose of each advisory committee shall be determined by the Commission;

3. Seek, apply for, accept and expend gifts, grants and donations, services and other aid from public or private sources. With the exception of funds provided by the planning district commissions and funds appropriated by the General Assemblies of Virginia and North Carolina, the Commission may accept funds only after an affirmative vote by a majority of the members of the Commission or by following such other procedures as may be established by the Commission for the conduct of its business;

4. Establish a nonprofit corporation to assist in the details of administering its affairs and in raising funds;

5. Enter into contracts and execute all instruments necessary or appropriate; and

6. Perform any lawful acts necessary or appropriate for the furtherance of its work.


2002, cc. 657, 843; 2003, c. 885.


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