§ 62.1-69.37

Roanoke River Basin Bi-State Commission established; purpose

The Roanoke River Basin Bi-State Commission is hereby established as a bi-state commission composed of members from the Commonwealth of Virginia and the State of North Carolina and hereinafter referred to as the Commission. The Commission shall:

1. Provide guidance, conduct joint meetings, and make recommendations to local, state and federal legislative and administrative bodies, and to others as it deems necessary and appropriate, regarding the use, stewardship, and enhancement of the Basin’s water and other natural resources;

2. Provide a forum for discussion of issues affecting the Basin’s water quantity, water quality, and other natural resources;

3. Promote communication, coordination and education among stakeholders within the Basin;

4. Identify Basin-related problems and recommend appropriate solutions; and

5. Undertake studies and prepare, publish, and disseminate information through reports, and other communications, related to water quantity, water quality and other natural resources of the Basin.


2002, cc. 657, 843; 2003, c. 885, cl. 4.


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