§ 55-383

Statute of limitations; actions; limitation on rescission rights

A. Except as otherwise provided in § 55-389, a judicial proceeding where the sufficiency of the time-share instrument, the accuracy of the public offering statement, or validity of any contract of purchase is in issue and a rescission of the contract or damages is sought shall be commenced within two years after the date of the contract of purchase, notwithstanding that the purchaser’s terms of payments may extend beyond this period of limitation; however, with respect to the enforcement of provisions in the contract of purchase which require the continued furnishing of services and the reciprocal payments to be made by the purchaser, the period of bringing a judicial proceeding will continue for a period of two years for each breach.Rescission of the contract shall not be granted by the court unless (i) the inaccuracy of the public offering statement or the insufficiency of the time-share instrument directly and adversely affected the purchaser’s right to participate in the time-share program or to own his time-share or (ii) at the time of the contract, the developer has sold more time-shares than there are time-share units that have been completed or bonded to accommodate such sales. Further, if damages are awarded, the amount of the damages shall be limited to actual damages sustained.

B. If a developer has substantially complied in good faith with the provisions of this chapter, a nonmaterial error or omission shall not be actionable. A nonmaterial error or omission shall not be sufficient to permit a purchaser to cancel a contract after the cancellation period provided by § 55-376 has expired.


1981, c. 462; 2006, c. 653; 2008, c. 376.


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