§ 51.5-149

Policy statement; Virginia Public Guardian and Conservator Program established; definitions

A. The General Assembly declares that it is the policy of the Commonwealth to ensure that persons who cannot adequately care for themselves because of incapacity (in this article, also referred to as clients) are able to meet essential requirements for physical and emotional health and management of financial resources with the assistance of a guardian or conservator, as appropriate, in circumstances where (i) the incapacitated person’s financial resources are insufficient to fully compensate a private guardian or conservator and pay court costs and fees associated with the appointment proceeding and (ii) there is no other proper and suitable person willing and able to serve in such capacity or there is no guardian or conservator appointed within one month of adjudication pursuant to § 64.2-2015. In order to ensure that the protection and assistance of a guardian or conservator are available to all incapacitated persons in the Commonwealth, there is established the statewide Virginia Public Guardian and Conservator Program (the Program) within the Department to (a) facilitate the creation of local or regional programs to provide services as public guardians or conservators and (b) fund, coordinate, administer, and manage such programs.

B. The definitions found in § 64.2-2000 shall apply to this article.


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