§ 51.5-146

Adult services

Adult services provided by the Department together with local departments of social services shall include:

1. Home-based services, including homemaker, companion, or chore services, which will allow individuals to attain or maintain self-care and are likely to prevent or reduce dependency, to the extent that federal or state matching funds are made available for such purpose;

2. Adult foster care, including recruitment, approval, and supervision of adult foster care homes;

3. Participation in nursing home pre-admission screenings of all individuals pursuant to § 32.1-330;

4. Provision of assisted living facility assessments of residents and applicants pursuant to § 63.2-1804;

5. Participation in long-term care service coordination pursuant to § 51.5-138;

6. Provision of social services or public assistance as defined in § 63.2-100, as appropriate, to consumers discharged from state hospitals or training centers pursuant to §§ 37.2-505 and 37.2-837; and

7. Participation in such other services or programs as may be required pursuant to state or federal law.


2012, cc. 803, 835.


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