§ 51.5-136

Strategic long-range planning for aging services; four-year plan; report

A. The Department shall develop and maintain a four-year plan for aging services in the Commonwealth. Such plan shall serve to inform the State Plan for Aging Services as required by the U.S. Administration on Aging. In developing the plan, the Department shall consult (i) various state and local services agencies, (ii) businesses, (iii) nonprofit organizations, (iv) advocacy organizations, (v) universities, (vi) providers, (vii) organizations involved in providing services for and advocating for older Virginians and their caregivers, and (viii) stakeholders, including but not limited to the Virginia Association of Area Agencies on Aging; the state’s health and human resources agencies, boards, councils, and commissions; the Departments of Transportation, Rail and Public Transportation, Housing and Community Development, and Corrections; and the Virginia Housing Development Authority.In addition, the plan shall inform and serve as a resource to a long-term blueprint for state and community planning for aging populations that shall be comprehensive and not limited to traditional health and human services issues, but rather consists of broad-based issues of active daily life in communities throughout the Commonwealth.

B. The four-year plan shall include:

1. A description of Virginia’s aging population and its impact on the Commonwealth, and issues related to ensuring and providing services to this population at both the state and local levels;

2. Factors for the Department to consider in determining when additional funding may be required for certain programs or services;

3. Information on changes in the aging population, with particular attention to the growing diversity of the population including low-income, minority, and non-English speaking older Virginians;

4. Information on unmet needs and waiting list data for aging-related services as reported by the Virginia Association of Area Agencies on Aging and those state agencies that may maintain and provide this information;

5. Results from periodic needs surveys and customer satisfaction surveys targeted to older Virginians that may be conducted by the Department, the Virginia Association of Area Agencies on Aging, or any other state or local agency from time to time;

6. An analysis by every state agency of how the aging of the population impacts the agency and its services and how the agency is responding to this impact. Such analysis shall be provided to the Department every four years on a schedule and in a format determined by the Secretary of Health and Human Resources in coordination with the Department;

7. The impact of changes in federal and state funding for aging services;

8. The current status and future development of Virginia’s No Wrong Door Initiative; and

9. Any other factors the Department deems appropriate.

C. In carrying out the duties provided by this section, the Commissioner shall submit the plan to the Governor and the General Assembly by October 1, 2015. Thereafter, the plan shall be submitted every four years.


2008, c. 361, § 2.2-703.1; 2010, cc. 411, 801; 2012, cc. 509, 803, 835.


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