§ 51.5-134


As used in this article, unless the context requires a different meaning:”Daily living services” includes homemaker, companion, personal care and chore services, home repair, weatherization, and adult day care.”Educational services” includes information on the long-term care services provided by agencies of the Commonwealth, its localities, and private sector agencies, and public information as provided in § 2.2-213.1.”Health care services” includes home health care and community medical care.”Housing services” includes community-based residential opportunities and retrofitting existing housing as needed.”Long-term care services” means socialization services, health care services, nutrition services, daily living services, educational services, housing services, transportation services, and supportive services that include (i) a balanced range of health, social, and supportive services to deliver long-term care services to older persons with chronic illnesses or functional impairments; (ii) meaningful choice, increased functional ability, and affordability as determining factors in defining long-term care service needs, which needs shall be determined by a uniform system for comprehensively assessing the needs and preferences of individuals requiring such services; (iii) service delivery, consistent with the needs and preferences of individuals requiring such services, that occurs in the most independent, least restrictive, and most appropriate living situation possible; and (iv) opportunities for self-care and independent living, as appropriate, by encouraging all long-term care programs to maximize self-care and independent living within the mainstream of life in the community.”Nutrition services” includes home-delivered meals, food stamps, and congregate meals.”Socialization services” includes telephone reassurance, friendly visiting, and congregate meals.”Supportive services” includes adult protective services, mental health and developmental services, counseling services, and legal aid.”Transportation services” includes readily available access to public transportation or area coordinated paratransit systems.


2012, cc. 476, 507, 803, 835.


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