§ 51.5-176

Participation by clients in cost of services

The Commissioner shall adopt written standards for determining the extent to which clients shall be responsible for the cost of vocational rehabilitation services provided or funded by the Department. However, the provision of the following services by the Department shall not be conditioned on the client’s or applicant’s ability to pay for the cost of those services: (i) evaluation of rehabilitation potential, except for vocational services other than those of a diagnostic nature which are provided under an evaluation of rehabilitation potential; (ii) counseling, guidance, and referral services; and (iii) placement and follow-up. The Department shall maximize financial participation of persons receiving services and shall maximize reimbursement from responsible third-party payors.


1985, c. 421, §§ 51.01-21, 51.5-21; 1987, c. 50; 1992, c. 755; 2012, cc. 803, 835; 2016, c. 27.


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