§ 51.5-171


When an individual applies for vocational rehabilitation services provided or funded by the Department, in whole or in part, an assessment shall be made to determine eligibility for benefits according to the standards adopted pursuant to § 51.5-170. If, after an assessment, eligibility is established, a comprehensive assessment shall be conducted to ascertain the nature and scope of services needed by the applicant. Both assessments shall be carried out with the involvement of the applicant and his parents or guardian if appropriate. Both assessments shall include, when appropriate, (i) a review of existing data and, to the extent necessary, the provision of appropriate assessment activities to obtain necessary data to determine eligibility and services needed; (ii) referral for the provision of rehabilitation technology services to assess and develop the individual’s capacities to perform in a work environment; and (iii) referral to other agencies and organizations for appropriate assessment services.


1985, c. 421, §§ 51.01-16, 51.5-16; 1989, c. 181; 2002, c. 46; 2012, c. 803, 835.


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