§ 38.2-5202

Promulgation of regulations; standards for policy provisions

A. The Commission may adopt regulations to establish specific standards for policy provisions of long-term care insurance policies. These standards shall be in addition to and in accordance with applicable laws of this Commonwealth. The standards shall address terms of renewability, nonforfeiture provisions if applicable, initial and subsequent conditions of eligibility, continuation or conversion, nonduplication of coverage provisions, coverage of dependents, preexisting conditions, termination of insurance, probationary periods, limitations, exceptions, reductions, elimination periods, requirements for replacement, recurrent conditions, definitions of terms, and disclosure of rating practices to consumers and may address any other standards considered appropriate by the Commission.

B. The Commission shall promulgate such regulations regarding long-term care insurance policies and certificates as it deems appropriate.

C. Regulations issued by the Commission shall:

1. Recognize the unique, developing and experimental nature of long-term care insurance;

2. Recognize the appropriate distinctions necessary between group and individual long-term care insurance policies;

3. Recognize the unique needs of both those individuals who have reached retirement age and those preretirement individuals interested in purchasing long-term care insurance products; and

4. Recognize the appropriate distinctions necessary between long-term care insurance and accident and sickness insurance policies, prepaid health plans, and other health service plans.


1987, c. 586; 1990, c. 285; 2000, c. 559; 2001, c. 114.


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