General Provisions

This is Article 1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “General Provisions.” It is part of Title 38.2, titled “Insurance.” It is part of Chapter 31, titled “Life Insurance.” It’s comprised of the following 25 sections.

§ 38.2-3100
Scope of chapter
§ 38.2-3100.1
Forms of insurance authorized
§ 38.2-3100.2
Funding agreements
§ 38.2-3100.3
Requirements of life insurance or annuity contracts used to fund preneed funeral contracts
§ 38.2-3101
Legal reserve insurers
§ 38.2-3102
Domestic insurers prohibited from insuring lives and persons of residents of "reciprocal states."
§ 38.2-3103
Fraudulent procurement of policy; penalty
§ 38.2-3104
No policy to be issued purporting to take effect more than six months before application made; conversion permitted
§ 38.2-3105
What contracts with respect to life insurance may be made by minors
§ 38.2-3106
Suicide and execution not grounds of defense; exception
§ 38.2-3107
Incontestability of certain policies
§ 38.2-3108
Misstatement of age
§ 38.2-3109
Contestability of reinstated policy
§ 38.2-3110
Incontestability not applicable to excluded or restricted coverage
§ 38.2-3111
Assignment of life insurance policies
§ 38.2-3112
Designation of testamentary trustee as beneficiary
§ 38.2-3113
Variable life insurance and variable annuities; separate accounts to be established; authority to issue; reports; special voting rights and procedures for owners
§ 38.2-3113.1
Modified guaranteed life insurance and modified guaranteed annuities; separate accounts; authority to issue; statements required; regulations to be issued; approval expenses
§ 38.2-3113.2
Qualified charitable gift annuities; issuance not business of insurance; disclosures to donors; unfair trade practices provisions not applicable
§ 38.2-3113.3
Educational loan provisions in life insurance policies
§ 38.2-3114
Statements required in variable life insurance and variable annuity contracts and certificates issued pursuant to group variable life insurance and group variable annuity contracts
§ 38.2-3115
Interest on life insurance and annuity contract proceeds
§ 38.2-3115.1
Accelerated payment of benefits
§ 38.2-3116
Commission to establish standards for simplified and readable life insurance and annuity policies
§ 38.2-3117
Standards for certain policies; prohibited policies