§ 38.2-2217.1

Insurers required to renew motor vehicle liability coverage for vanpools; exceptions

A. As used in this section, “vanpooling” means the type of joint arrangement described in subdivision 5 of § 46.2-2000.1 and § 46.2-1400 where such motor vehicles are used to transport commuters to and from their places of employment on a regular basis. “Motor vehicle” as used in this section shall mean any motor vehicle designed to transport not less than ten nor more than fifteen passengers, including the driver, in fixed seats.

B. If an insurer as defined in § 38.2-2212 who issues or renews a policy of motor vehicle liability insurance to an insured who intends to use a vehicle for vanpooling which was not so used at the time the policy was issued or last renewed has received by certified mail thirty days’ written notice that the insured intends to use the vehicle for vanpooling, the insurer shall not cancel or refuse to renew a policy of liability insurance coverage for such motor vehicle used in vanpooling as defined in subsection A of this section, except for one or both of the following specified reasons:

1. The named insured fails to discharge when due any payment of the premium for the policy or any installment thereof; or

2. The driving record of the named insured or any regular driver is such that it substantially increases the risk.

C. [Repealed.]


1986, c. 612, § 38.1-381.11; 1995, cc. 744, 803; 2002, c. 337.


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