§ 38.2-1503

Grounds for delinquency proceedings commenced by Commission against domestic insurer

Delinquency proceedings may be commenced by the Commission against any domestic insurer whenever the insurer:

1. Has been determined to be insolvent by the Commission;

2. Has refused to submit its books, papers, accounts, records, or affairs to the reasonable inspection of the Commission or its representative;

3. Has refused or failed to comply with any order of the Commission to make good within the time prescribed by law (i) any impairment of its minimum capital and surplus if the insurer is a stock insurer, (ii) any impairment of its minimum surplus if the insurer is other than a stock insurer, or (iii) membership requirements as set forth in § 38.2-2515 if the insurer is a mutual assessment property and casualty insurer and has had its license revoked;

4. Has transferred or attempted to transfer substantially its entire property, or has entered into any transaction which merges substantially its entire property or business, into the property or business of any other company without prior written approval of the Commission;

5. Has removed, attempted to remove, or is about to remove from this Commonwealth any material part of its property or business necessary for the continued conduct of its business if it endangers the interests of its policyholders, stockholders or members;

6. Has reinsured all or substantially all of its risks without prior written approval of the Commission;

7. Is found, after an examination, to be in a condition where any further transaction of business will be hazardous to its policyholders, creditors, members, subscribers, stockholders, or to the public;

8. Has willfully violated its charter or any law of this Commonwealth;

9. Has an officer, director or manager who has refused to be examined under oath concerning its affairs;

10. Has had any material part of its entire property sequestered in any other state or country;

11. Has not organized or completed its organization and obtained a license to transact the business of insurance in this Commonwealth within the period of time set by law; or

12. Has failed to pay a final judgment rendered against it in any state upon any insurance contract issued or assumed by it (i) within sixty days after the judgment has become final, (ii) within sixty days after time for taking an appeal has expired, or (iii) within sixty days after dismissal of an appeal before final determination, whichever date is the latest.


Code 1950, § 38-138; 1952, c. 317, § 38.1-129; 1986, c. 562.


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