§ 15.2-1716.1

Reimbursement of expenses incurred in responding to terrorism hoax incident or bomb threat

Any locality may provide by ordinance that any person who is convicted of a violation of subsection B or C of § 18.2-46.6 or of a felony violation of § 18.2-83 or 18.2-84, when his violation of such section is the proximate cause of any incident resulting in an appropriate emergency response, shall be liable at the time of sentencing or in a separate civil action to the locality or to any volunteer emergency medical services agency, or both, which may provide such emergency response for the reasonable expense thereof, in an amount not to exceed $ 1,000 in the aggregate for a particular incident occurring in such locality. In determining the “reasonable expense,” a locality may bill a flat fee of $ 250 or a minute-by-minute accounting of the actual costs incurred. As used in this section, “appropriate emergency response” includes all costs of providing law-enforcement, firefighting, and emergency medical services. The provisions of this section shall not preempt or limit any remedy available to the Commonwealth, to the locality, or to any volunteer emergency medical services agency to recover the reasonable expenses of an emergency response to an incident not involving a terroristic hoax or an act undertaken in violation of § 18.2-83 or 18.2-84 as set forth herein.


2002, cc. 588, 623; 2005, c. 479; 2015, cc. 502, 503; 2016, c. 213.


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