§ 10.1-120

Commissioning of Breaks Interstate Park Commission employees as conservation officers

A. The Director shall ensure that an employee of the Breaks Interstate Park Commission whom the Commission recommends for commissioning as a conservation officer in accordance with subsection B of § 10.1-115 meets the minimum qualifications for law-enforcement officers set out in § 15.2-1705, is subject to the minimum training standards set out in § 9.1-114, abides by the Department’s law-enforcement in-service training requirements, and abides by the law-enforcement directives of the Department unless exceptions by the Department are granted in writing. For the purposes of law-enforcement directives, the Breaks Interstate Park shall be treated as a Virginia State Park.

B. The Commission shall bear the expenses associated with training and equipping a Commission employee as a conservation officer to Department standards unless the Department agrees otherwise.


2015, cc. 64, 489.


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